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Resources for Dicoogle users and developers.

Welcome to the Dicoogle Learning Pack

This is a set of tutorials and resources for setting up an instance of Dicoogle, as well as for developing compatible plugins. The contents of the Dicoogle Learning Pack are targeted at future users of Dicoogle, including students and researchers. In this site, you will receive guidance on:

Also, check out our introduction slides!

Reading the pages

Throughout this site, you may find the following notes:


These tips and tricks will help you make good and stable solutions for Dicoogle.

Notes are handy pieces of information

These are for the extra tidbits sometimes necessary to understand Dicoogle.

Warnings help you not blow things up

Be aware of these messages if you wish to avoid frustrations or serious consequences, such as losing data.

You will see this by a feature that hasn't been released

Future versions of Dicoogle may have planned features that would influence how certain topics should be handled. Reading these notes is recommended if you wish to contribute to the core project or use bleeding-edge versions of Dicoogle.

Feedback & Contributing

This site is hosted on GitHub. If you would like to propose changes to a particular page, click the pencil () found at the top-right corner to suggest an edit. If something in the learning pack is unclear or in need of further clarifications, you may file an issue at the repository. Contributions from the wider community are welcome.

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