Semantic Web Services Integration for Biomedical Applications

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Scaleus is a semantic web migration tool that can be deployed on top of traditional systems in order to bring knowledge, inference rules, and query federation to the existent data.


Scaleus is designed to be simple to deploy and use. The solution is tailored to help users in the creation of new semantic web applications from scratch. Targeted at the biomedical domain, this web-based platform offers, in a single package, a high-perfomance triplestore supporting multiple independent datasets, simplified API and services for data integration and management, and a SPARQL query engine, supporting real-time inference mechanisms and optimized text searches over the knowledge base.


AngularJS + Jetty Embedded (RESTfull API) + Apache Jena Framework


Main Features:

  • Easy to deploy.
  • Simple RESTfull API for data management.
  • RDFS Inference support over SPARQL queries. Inference rules are also supported.
  • Multiple datasets support.
  • Spreedsheet import (.xlsx, .xls, .ods, etc.).


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Please use this reference when citing SCALEUS in your work:

DOI: 10.1007/s10916-017-0705-8